The Magazine Vi - Politics for skiers
Gustav Vasa stands before huge problems
Transportarbetaren - Squeezed
Editorial illustration for a magazine dealing with transport and logistics
The Magazine Alfa
Learning a new language
OBOS-bladet Spørretimen
This is a piece I've done for OBOS wich is one of scandinavias largest real estates companies. This is for their magazine OBOS-bladet and an article about what you can do with your appartement and what rights you have as a consumer. Big thanks to Art Director Steffen for a great fun commission.
The Magazine Vi - Profits in school and wellfare system
Illustration for article about profits in wellfare system
The Magazine Vi - school politics
Illustration of the heavy burden for teachers scince the last election
The Magazine Kollega
Illustration – lab produced meat.
Unionen Kollega about Equality
This is a series of illustraitons for the Swedish brand Unionen and their magazine Kollega. The theme for this issue was equality.
PostNord Digital identification
An illustration for Post Nords magazine and an article about Digital Identification. It will soon be easier to pick up your parceldelivery. You won't need any other identification than a QR-code generated by your Band-ID in your smartphone.
Gift cards retro set of seven cards
A set of gift cards I made to make people smile.
GSK Arthrisis
Some illustrations for a broschure about arthrisis and the importance of healthy food and exercise to ease your pain.
An illustration to an article in the newspaper Dagen and an article about relations and how you talk to eachother. Do you sound more sour than necessary? Try to turn away from that and start giving eachother sweet words.
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