Diabetes and footcare
The Land of Plenty
Climate course
Workout at home
Re:member card
Sports network
Invisible workers
Life - Good habits
Unionen Kollega "Monitored"
Life winter
Illustration about how to stay healthy during winter
Train vs airplane
Karl bike insurance
Garbage collector
The Swedish soccer association
Being a board member
The magazine Vi - The image of Sweden
Storels tidning Effekt / The magazine Effekt
Några illustrationer till en tidning för elektriker / Some illustrations for a magazine for electricians
SiteVision remember
Tidningen Vi / The magazine Vi
Dags att experimentera i regeringsbildningen? / Time for a political experiment?
Unionen Kollega
Luktar din kollega illa? / Does your colleague smell bad?
Tidningen Vi / The Magazine Vi
Fem illustrationer till artikelserien Politiskt / Five editorial illustrations for an article series about Swedish politics
Storels tidning Effekt nr 2/ The magazine Effekt no 2
Illustrationer till en tidning för elektriker / Some illustrations for a magazine for electricians
Transportarbetaren / The magazine Transportarbetaren
Illustrationer till artikelserien Snabbkollen. / Editorial illustration for the article series Quick Check
Unionen Kollega
Illustrationer om jämställdhet / Illustration about equality
Tidningen Alfa / The Magazine Alfa
Om att lära sig ett nytt språk / Learning a new language
OBOS-bladet Spørretimen
Illustration till en artikel om hyresgästens rättigheter / Illustration for an article about the regulations when hiring an apartment
Unionen Kollega
Framtidens proteinkällor / The future sources of proteine
Till artikel om digital identifikation / For an article about digital identification
Gift cards retro set of seven cards
A set of gift cards I made to make people smile.
Några illustraitoner till en broschyr om artros / For a broschure about arthritis
An illustration to an article in the newspaper Dagen and an article about relations and how you talk to eachother. Do you sound more sour than necessary? Try to turn away from that and start giving eachother sweet words.
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