Illustration and graphic design for the book “Sunday – Service in a new era”

A client that I’ve worked with for a long time is Libris publishing. We’ve done some books together and in this project they wanted some help creating a cover for a new book.

The book consists of a number of different texts from several authors working in churches. The texts are dealing with the church and the service. Does it have any future and if it has – what does it look like?

When I get a commision like this I try to get to know the book. I read some of the texts and try to grasp the essence. After that part is done I try to interpret it into an image. I can’t show everything. What’s important. What feeling do I get from reading the texts. Who are going to read it?

“We like the arty touch that Mattias gave to the cover of the book Sunday.
It’s very unique and gave the book just the perfect feeling.”
Peter Eriksson, publisher on Libris

I chose to do the illustrations joyfull with nice colors, and I tried to make it easy to access.  The subject is quite complex and the figures and the composition might be a bit bold.

I start everything up with some quick sketches that I show the client. We talk about it, the client and I, and choose a couple of the sketches that I’ll continue to work on. I made some sketches in color and we decided on one to finish.

The last adustment was to add some bright yellow to make it pop out in the bookstores.

Facts about the project

Client: Libris publishing
Editors: Robert Johansson, Joel Halldorf, Åsa Molin
Tecnique: Graphite, color pencils, aquarelle mashed up in a digital collage.

Case Söndag illustration Mattias Käll
Case Söndag material
Kollinje 4