Case Hamburger 1500x700


Illustration for Unibakes school in how to build your burger.

Liljedal communication were going to make a campaign for their client Schulstad/Unibake. It should inspire chefs to use Shulstads hamburger bread.

The Art Director gave me a good brief and a moodboard with rough typography and photographer Andreas Hyltén had taken some really nice, dark shots. They were looking for a way how to show a way of how to build the different burgers shown in the campaign.

I choose to paint digital on my Wacom so it would be easy to move the different pieces of the burger. The image was delivered in separate layers so that the Art Director easily could “build” the burgers in Indesign.

“In this commission I wanted to find a hipster-look on the illustrations. It was also important that the different parts of the illustration was separated so I could build all kinds of burgers. The brief for Mattias was a sketch, some reference images and a talk through. Before the delivery Mattias shown me a couple of different ways to draw, really professional!
Mattias background as an ArtDirector is really important for understanding this kind of commission. Both I and the client were really happy with the outcome of the illustrations.”
David Gribing, AD på Liljedal communication

Facts about the project

Client: Liljedal communication, Schulstad, Unibake
Art Director: David Gribing
Technique: Digital chalkboard on Wacom Cintiq

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