Illustration and graphic design for the cover of Läromedias catalogue with books for youths and kids.

Hothouse studios who makes the book catalogue for the company Läromedia wanted to make a cover that was new and different. We talked about styles and ways to illustrate and we agreed on a collage style.

We wanted to make a imaginary world with books and trees. And in Swedish the word for book (Bok) is the same as the word for the tree European Beech. Two kids should wander around in the forest experiencing the magic of letters and reading.

I started with the sketchbook with pencils and presented the idea. From there I turned to the computer and made a collage in Photoshop with watercolor textures, graphite lines, old papers and hand made letters. Birds, leaves, letters and books throng in this cluttered image.

I made the letters to the headline by hand and Hothouses Art Director placed logos and the other text. It turned out to a nice looking catalogue with illustration all around the cover. Full of exciting reading experiences.

”As usual when we cooperate with Mattias the result is something extra. The cover for LäroMedias kids- and youths catalogue is just as lovely and imaginative as we wanted it to be!”
Johan Andersson, projectleader and copywriter on Hothouse studios


Client: Hothouse studios and LäroMedia
Art Director: Ulrika Andersson
Technique: Graphite, colorpencils, watercolor in a digital collage.

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