I grew up an a little farm in the middle of Sweden. We had a horse, a few hen and some sheep. Grandma was living next door and the forest was ful of adventure. I often sat listening to Hergés TinTin and drew. I realized that I could create little worlds of my own. I was able to make images of the world around and inside of me.

In many ways I tend to search my way back to that state of mind. I love to just sit down, draw, listen to something good and look at the images created in front of me. That’s just how it feels when I’m in a flow – that the images are created. That I become part of something bigger. And the image vibrates.

I’ve worked many years on agencies, been in artschool and scince seven years I work as a full time illustrator. I listen to your story and who you’d like to listen. I take the words and give them an image to mirror themselves into.

So let’s hear your story. (I love stories about sustainability, human race and the environment, animals and nature.) Then I turn on the radio, fetch a pencil, I do sketches, write, turn it upside down and let all those nice things happen.

Places where I learned things

Liljeholmens folkhögskola. At last I was able to create all day long.

Södra vätterbygdens folkhögskola. An excellent school that made me a better photographer, writer and graphic designer.

NPP agency. I was Art Director assistent and Art Director during many years and worked with client focus and branding.

Örebro artschool. A lot of time for painting and conceptual thoughts.

Board member of Illustratörcentrum. Imagine to talk about illustration and what to do for illustrators together with illustrators. I had a great time here!

Popill agency. I run the agency together with Elin, my wife. We’re helping illustrators with a little bit of everything.


Some of the brands I’ve had the pleasure to work with.